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When we decided to start our home laundry & ironing business, it wasn’t because there are thousands of people out there reluctant to attack that weekly pile of laundry.
We actually enjoy doing laundry & ironing, We find it relaxing and stimulating. With this in mind it is important to use the best equipment for the job.

For example Laurastar ironing systems use dry steam at 3.5 bar which equates to 50 psi giving a crease free result on all your clothes.When ironing dark and delicate items we use a soft pressing soleplate attachment which eliminates the possibility of shine on garments and reduces heat to protect clothes.The effect on 100% cotton shirts and blouses is remarkable as the vacuum and blowing system react to the fibres returning them to a near new look and feel.

Within the Laundry facility only the best machines are used for clothes from sports kits to the most gentle of fabrics like silk and angora are washed accordingly in separate machines. Only the most appropriate
detergents and conditioners are used.

Check out our special offers in the pricing structure on complete bedding deals and duvet cleaning.

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